=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFCongratulations to Rekinu aka Chris on his recent marriage. Way to go Bro.
=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFThanks Cable and Spider for the donations! They help keep us going!
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=~TRF~=Cable Clan  ;)
=~TRF~= sprider Clan  added 180 Advanced days to Tactical Recon Force
=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFHope you all have a Happy Easter!
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=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFHappy Valentines Day to All from TRF!
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=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFKeep Praying for SiNtEnEl and T80ne as they recover from their health problems! <3
=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFI just spoke with T8one and he is doing some better after several weeks of chemo. His tumor has shrunk 21% and that is good news. He has requested we continue to pray for him and his sweet family.
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