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=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFT80ne or Jason Reeder was born on October 10, 1975 and passed away on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. Due to cancer,
We will all miss T8one, Pray for his infant daughter and wife left behind.

Jason was a resident of Bristow, Nebraska at the time of passing.

He attended school in Llano, Texas before moving with his family to Cody, NE and attending Cody-Kilgore High School, graduating 1994.
=~TRF~=Cable Clan  I need to log in more often this is sad, cancer sucks, he will be missed.
=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFCongratulations to Rekinu aka Chris on his recent marriage. Way to go Bro.
=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFThanks Cable and Spider for the donations! They help keep us going!
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=~TRF~=Cable Clan  ;)
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=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFHope you all have a Happy Easter!
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=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFHappy Valentines Day to All from TRF!
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=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFKeep Praying for SiNtEnEl and T80ne as they recover from their health problems! <3
=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFI just spoke with T8one and he is doing some better after several weeks of chemo. His tumor has shrunk 21% and that is good news. He has requested we continue to pray for him and his sweet family.
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=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFI just spoke with T8one. He is undergoing chemo. We need to continue to pray for him. These are tough days.
=~TRF~=SniderTx ClanFT8one has requested we pray for him. He has been diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer. Pray for him, Andy, & and that sweet little one we see below!
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